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Give me Love and Work − these two only.

− William Morris (1834 – 1896)

We live in an age full of material objects.

Uncovering long-treasured gems by craftsmen,


or designing new gems alongside craftsmen. 

We are the bridge to connect you and the craftsmen,


Welcome to The House of Craftsmen and Co.

Let us brighten your day with a craftman's gem.

Things made by passion are always in style.

When we use the term "craftsman,"

it is not exclusive to hand-made or traditional crafts.

We respectfully confer the title upon those people

who show love and pride for the things they create,

and whose creations inspire love and passion

in the lives of their owners.

Craftsmen, we salute you.

Our three core principles.

I.  Only sell things that we ourselves would want.

II.  What we do is recommend value. The decision of value is the role of the customer.

III.  Foster a society where users are happy, and where craftsmen are happy.

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